Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photon Infotech – New Facility Opens in DLF IT Park, Chennai

World renowned “next generation” Internet consulting firm Photon Infotech has grown at a rapid pace since their inception in 1999. Serving over 700 customers, many of which belong to the illustrious Fortune 500 Club, and housing over 1,300 employees, Photon’s meteoric rise has been nothing short of awe inspiring. In keeping up with their recent growth patterns, Photon Infotech has opened a new state of the art facility in DLFs IT Park, located in Chennai, India.

Strategically located in Chennai’s IT hub, the new 45,000 square foot building is placed amongst other top flight hardware and software development companies such as IBM, Symantec and Logica. The new base of operations will serve to accelerate Photon Infotech’s already fascinating rate of growth.

The comfort and cutting edge technologies afforded by the new Chennai facility will allow the esteemed professionals at Photon to work more efficiently, ultimately enabling them to develop superior products for their customer base. It comes equipped with a separate room for video conferencing and a training room that can accommodate up to 50 people. Additionally, it features several amenities designed to increase employee comfort and happiness. Among these extras is a diversified food court, a 24 hour top of the line security system, ample parking and eight elevators.

The experienced leaders behind Photon Infotech place the satisfaction of their employees in high regard. Providing them with a new environment that caters to their individual desires will only serve to augment their contentment. After all, the average worker spends half of their waking hours on the job. Acknowledging this, Photon Infotech provides their employees with an environment that has employees looking forward to going to work in the morning.

Encouraging their employees to speak freely and think creatively, the leaders at Photon Infotech understand what it takes to run a highly successful organization. The new facility at Chennai will also serve to increase their viability in today’s competitive market.

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